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What is SEO and Why is it Important?

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is exactly that, optimising your website in order to improve your rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If you know anything about Google then you will probably know that they make billions of pounds from companies competing to get clicks on their adverts in the paid area at the top of Google search results. Their platform is called Google Ads and they are referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click) adverts. Every time a user clicks on an advert, Google gets paid and the advertiser gets a click.

Many companies spend millions of pounds a month making sure they generate traffic using PPC but what about those of us who don’t want to pay for traffic, or those that want to spend less on PPC by replacing the traffic with organic traffic? That’s where SEO comes in.

With organic (sometimes called natural) listings your website appears under the adverts. The higher the better as you will likely get more clicks. If you think about it, how often do you go past page one of Google results to find what you are looking for?

That’s why SEO is big business, everyone is competing to be as high up page 1 as possible in order to gain visitors for free.

Successful companies will have a team working on both paid search like PPC as well as SEO. You may well want to do both but you don’t necessarily need a team dedicated to this. We have expertise in SEO and PPC and can help you set up campaigns for both.

Normally our preferred method is to spend some time upfront doing some research and analysis, coming up with a strategy. Then once in place spend several hours per month measuring, improving and optimising your campaigns.

If you are interested in understanding your current rankings and how you can improve them to drive more traffic to your website then we offer a FREE analysis with no obligation! The full details are below, just click ‘Order Now’ to send us a few details and we can get started.

SEO Analysis
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Semantic mark up analysis
Site specific recommendations to improve your rankings
Highlight any critical errors with your site
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Why is SEO important?

We’ve already talked about the fact that organic traffic from natural listings is free, but why else is SEO important (if free traffic isn’t enough to convince you)?

  • Trust – becuase you can pay to be top of Google in a only a few minutes some people don’t trust adverts and will always look at the top natural listings. These companies will have been around longer and are likely to be more reputable.
  • Your competitors are already doing it – do you want to be losing potential users and customers to your competitors because they can be found on page 1 and you are down on page 9?
  • ROI (return on investment) – SEO generates a higher ROI thank other marketing channels
  • Measureable – Using tools like Google Analytics you can directly attribute your conversions to natural traffic
  • 85% of all clicks are on organic listings

Dont forget about UX (User Experience). Getting users to your website is one thing, retaining and converting them is quite another. Find out more about our UX services and how to get the most out of your (hopefully free) visitors.

Find out more about our SEO services and packages or contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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